Erotic body/tantra Massage

No better start for a perfect evening than a relaxing or erotic massage. I will bring my special washable hot massage oil to fully enjoy this experience and warm up for the rest of the evening.

Home date

You do not have to leave the comfort of your home to spend some time with a sexy woman. Most of the gentlemen find the arrangements made at home enjoyable and relaxed.

Dinner date

Nothing can top a good old dinner date. Dinner dates allow us to get to know each other better or to catch up on lost time. Of course dessert will be served in the bedroom… 

Sauna date

Book a Sauna and enjoy the pleasure of a beautiful and sexy  appearance massaging you as you slowly drift away… Live and relive your dreams in the better private.

Wellness Night

Experience the perfect Girlfriend Experience in one of the better B&B saunas or hotels, with a sexy, mysterious lady by your side!

Threesome date/ Couples date

It is an honor to know that two people who love each other, trust me to be their toy of the night. Of course it is extremely important to me that everyone feels comfortable and I will make sure to set a vibe which allows everyone to be free and careless. Feel free to let me know if you have any specific fantasies, wishes, or turn offs to make sure you can fully enjoy the experience. There are no extra charges to the prices stated on the website if you book per couple. The price for an individual and a couple are the same.


You can explore the beauty and charm of the city, walking past a cocktail bar to enjoy a cocktail before a memorable evening starts in your hotel ...

Travel date

Enjoy the sunset at the harbour with a glass of Champagne. We can enjoy the serenity and tranquility together in all privacy.

Business date

Discover the secret of a successful business lunch with  a polite lady who can conduct herself. With the utmost elegance and discretion on any occasion.

Role play

Want to immerse yourself in an exciting role play experience? The naughty nurse, an innocent schoolgirl or a sexy latex catsuit? Whichever fantasies you might have, I would love to make them come true.

Doubt date

When certain thoughts are an obstacle in your life (orientation, experience, ...) with all respect and open mind, i will be there for you with all the attention to your "doubt".

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